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Some people were asking what games we’re bringing up to the cabin. So here’s a picture.

Kevin is also bringing up a few games including Rook, Telestrations, Yahtzee, and face cards.

My games are probably a bit more unfamiliar, so I’ve written a quick description for each below. Let me know if any sound interesting to you, I’ll be happy to teach them at the cabin.
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 Catacombs: A cool dungeon crawler dexterity game where one player controls the dungeon’s monsters and boss while the other players control the heroes. You fight the monsters by flicking the pieces into each other. You can buy upgrades and other fun stuff as well.
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Betrayal at House on the Hill: This is a coop game for up to 6 players. You explore a haunted house searching for items and powerups, but eventually one of you becomes corrupted and becomes a traitor. It has a cool team element to it where the good guys will have a unique goal to accomplish midway through, while the traitor has their own. It’s mostly dice rolling so it’s fun for those who prefer luck in their games.
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Time Stories: One of the games I’m most excited to pull out again. This is like a choose your own adventure board game. The cards in this game paint gorgeous landscapes and scenes where the players pick which people/areas they want to explore further. You solve puzzles and race against a clock in a way that’s similar to Edge of Tomorrow or Groundhogs Day.
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Spyfall: A quick party game for up to 8 players. The game comes with several cards that represent 30 different locations such as a beach, grocery store, airplane or spa. In a game, each player is given a card. Most of the players will get a card with a picture of a location and the type of person they represent there. But one player will get a card that simply says spy. The game basically consists of players taking turns asking each other questions trying to find out if the other players know where they are or are simply the spy pretending to know the location everyone else is at. Really fun, quick and lot’s of laughing.
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Guess Who: Yes it’s that game, but I like to play it with a variation. I think the world is focused enough on looks as it is. So what if you played Guess Who, but you could only ask questions about the character’s personalities? Such as, did your person get bullied a lot in high school?  Makes for some interesting made up back stories and lots of funny discussion.
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Deception: This is quickly becoming one of my favorite party games. Up to 12 people can play at once so it’s great for big groups. Each game involves a murder mystery where the players try to guess which of them is the murderer by following clues left by the forensic scientist. Involves hidden roles, bluffing and plays quickly.
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Valeria Card Kingdoms: A simple game for 2-5 players that combines deck building and dice rolling. Each turn a player rolls dice. If you have any cards with those numbers, including what they add up to, you get the rewards below. Use the loot you score to buy better cards that give you the points you need to win.
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The Bloody Inn: This is a medium difficulty game where you play a family of inn keepers that have become greedy and very wicked. Your goal is to make more money than your brothers and sisters by offing your guests and robbing their corpses.But doing this isn’t easy and involves a lot of strategy.You’ll be hiding from cops, bribing guests to join your cause and building grave sites. It’s fun and twisted.
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One Night Ultimate Werewolf: This is another party game for up to 10 people. It’s like old school mafia but without player elimination. You are trying to guess which player/s the werewolf using your deduction and secret powers, but who do you trust?
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7 Wonders: This is a strategy card drafting game that allows up to 7 players. In this game each turn you’ll have a handful of cards but only get to keep one for the round before passing the rest to the next player. You keep doing so until everyone eventually has their unique hand of cards they picked from the drafting rounds. Use your cards to gain points through military, science or civilization. Everyone has simultaneous turns so the games are quick and you have very little down time.
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Blood Rage: This game is what you’d get if you combined 7 Wonders and Risk. You use the 7 Wonders card drafting to build awesome Viking armies that you then use to secure land and objectives on the board before Ragnarok begins and destroys everything. This game is tons of fun, but a bit more complicated. Happy to teach anyone who likes a good war/strategy/card game.
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Galaxy Trucker: This is a great team game where you play in two rounds. The first round you build a space ship by picking up tiles and placing them on your board. Your doing this at the same time as the other team, so it’s a race to get the best ship pieces and put them in the optimal spots before the other team mates. The second part is a race where you test your ship against random obstacles like meteor showers, space pirates and explorations. The fun is in seeing the other players’ ships get torn to pieces as well as your own, crossing your fingers you’ll survive to the end and score some points from the supplies you trucked across the galaxy.
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Pandemic: A classic simple co-op game where you race around the world trying to prevent a disease infestation from spreading.
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Roll for the Galaxy: One of Callie and my favorite strategy board games with some luck. In this game you buy up dice to compete against the other players in building a better galaxy. There’s lots of different ways to win and the dice make for a good mix of luck and strategy.
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Formula D: This game plays with up to 10 players. You get to race cars around a track and the more players the more crashes….so I like grabbing this one when we have 10 players willing to give it a go. Really simple mechanics where you roll different dice depending on what gear your car is in. The lower the gear the shorter the distance you can go. Extra points for people who make vrooommm vroooommm noises.
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Two Rooms and a Boom: This game can play with up to 60 something. It’s incredible! You basically play in two teams, a red and blue team. The blue team will have a President and the red team will have a Bomber. You play over the course of three rounds. Each round players split up into two rooms. They discuss which team they belong to and debate who at the end of the round they want to send over to the other room as a hostage. you then repeat this three times. After three rounds, if the president ends up in the same room as the bomb, KABOOM. The bomb goes off and red team wins. If at the end the president was not in the same room, he’s safe and the blue team wins. This game is one of our group’s favorites and comes with a ton of special roles to make each game unique and interesting.

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