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A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Bryce.  I’m a marketer based in Mesa, Arizona.

I’m also a dog lover, husband, and comic book enthusiast. When I’m not building wordpress sites, thinking up new campaigns, or helping clients create remarkable personal brands; I enjoy seeing dumb action movies, trying new restaurants, or watching Walking Dead with my buddies.

My college years

My marketing career has been a fun ride.  Even though I had a full ride academic scholarship going into college, I kept busy managing three jobs while studying.

First, I worked for an agency in charge of sales training and promotions for brands such as Microsoft, Nestle, Sodastream and more.  I traveled and trained sales teams on all the latest products coming out of these amazing companies.

Second, I worked as a Marketing Rep for Dell, promoting the DELL brand on campus.

Third, I worked for Livescribe marketing the launch of their Pulse Smartpen at ASU.

I graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with my Marketing Degree in the summer of 2009, which was the perfect time to graduate if you didn’t want a job afterwards.

But I was married and responsible for more than myself, so I knew waiting around, working at Starbucks wasn’t going to be an option.

My first job from hell

The best offer I had upon graduating was a sales position at a small IT outsourcing company.  It was the scariest job I’ve ever had in my life.

Their definition of sales was cold calling 200 executives from an Excel spreadsheet every day.  Hoping that you could get someone on the phone and then, through some miracle, convince them to hire us to run their IT…even if it meant firing some staff.  If you couldn’t sell enough business that quarter, you would find yourself invited to the CEO’s office, 15 minutes before the end of your Friday; never to see your fellow coworkers again.

Suffice it to say, I was looking for a better fit fairly soon into that job.  And eventually I did.

Where I am now

A year later I was asked to join an executive coaching company as their head of marketing.  It was a big responsibility, tasked with managing the website, coming up with marketing campaigns, monitoring social media, editing a blog, running marketing automation, email marketing, public relations, copy-writing…the whole gamut.

I learned a lot in this position.  I had no one else to do the job for me if I couldn’t do it, so I relied on educating myself through blogs, books, podcasts, and videos.  Eventually, a small team of freelancers and part time workers became a part of my Marketing department running web development, API coding, blog editing, SEO, and more.

One of my proudest achievements in this role has been creating MyCareertopia.com, a career site Forbes called, “One of the top 100 sites for your career”  In less than a year of its founding, Careertopia was competing with the big names in the career industry including About.com, Brazen, and Glassdoor.

My marketing skills were translated into the executive coaching world where I’ve now helped dozens of execs at Fortune 500 companies build powerful personal brands.  Whether it’s building a remarkable LinkedIn profile or developing a personal website, I’m helping these executives have an online persona as impressive as their career.

Online marketing has leveled the playing field for businesses.  Lean marketing and Growth Hacking have crumbled the need for big budgets and large marketing departments in order to compete.

I have used these tools and concepts personally and have established a presence for the companies I work with in deeply competitive markets they had no footing in previously.

No career is more exciting or dynamic than Marketing is today and I look forward to the many adventures and challenges that lay ahead.


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